to give it back 

multichannel experimental collective listening performance
with modular synthesis, hydrophone, contact microphones, samples, ceramics

conception: franziska koch, otis thomet, aio frei
microphonics/samples: aio frei
modular synthesis & : otis thomet
clay europe/hydrophone: franziska koch
pascale schreibmüller whispers peggy mcintosh's «white privilege & male privilege»
sally schonfeldt reads parts of felwine sarr & bénédicte savoy's «the restitution of african cultural heritage. toward a new relational ethics»

the performance took place in the framework of «we want it back», an evening with concerts and performances by seven, black pitch, difficult too a.o.

a listening performance about restitution, social depth, white privilege & the memories of objects. with text and quotes by bénédicte Savoy & felwine sarr, shaheen kasmani, peggy mcIntosh, achille mbembe a.o.

«if 10,000 objects are identified in the collections, we are asking for all 10,000 objects.» abdou latif coulibaly, cultural minister of senegal

»we have to ask ourselves if we make their job too easy by renouncing the right to remembrance. And do we dare to go further and completely reject the offer of restitution? this would make the objects in the museums an eternal proof of what europe did and what it did not want to take responsibility for. we would condemn Europe to live forever with what they robbed - and continue to play their cain role to the bitter end.» achille mbembe