heidi weint - eine gefühlsversammlung

ideas and conception:
s. brandes, l. emanuel, d. fell–hernandez, d. gaviria, j. gräfner, n. jahnke,
j. kappauf, j.–c. hieronymus, n. oliel, d. seidel, j. weber, o. thomet, s. winkler, f. wiesner, h. wolff, l. wöllisch

fixed media for 9 speakers.
the theater based on “germany’s next top model” set in a glistening, slippery world of reality/show, opens up a dialog between the desire to please and the exhaustion of performing.

picking up on this tension, a soundscape with nostalgic pop references in form of whole songs and interpolation, and an equally relatable undercurrents of anxiety, was created.

bellow are the original compositions made for heidi weint. for the purpose of listening, sounds that accompany the piece over an extensive amount of time have been shortened and reassembled into track length.
base tension
our bodies
ghost at the end
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