Hyperlink Haze is a 9 channel installative iteration of the same named radio show for megahex.fm, a charcter study for five antropomorphed concepts and an investigation on how to cope in late capitalism, based on improvised sound and improvised knowledge. the knowledge production was situated in cyberspace which was intuitively navigated via Hyperlink. The result of this where humanoid entities. Each one emblematic for a concept inherent to the social matrix we live in. The intention behind it being; to discover ways to interact with abstracts and find a speculative exchange.
In this installation the simultaniousness of sound and information is correspondent to the structure of the internet, deliberately spaced in different constellations across the room. The listener, bound by linear peception of time, becomes theĀ author of their singulary existent version of the audio piece, via the movement of our three dimensional bodies writing the narrative.
Bellow are two room recordings trying to capture this experince.

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